Stop Resisting Me!

In Colossians 1:15 Paul says that Jesus is the image of the invisible God.  Let me explain to you how much that verse means to me.


For some time now I’ve known that my life would be devoted to ministry.  But here’s what’s crazy, JESUS WAS STRANGE TO ME.  I wanted to be in the ministry of Jesus not really knowing who he is.  I LOVED the Old Testament and preferred to spend quiet times there.  The New Testament was just awkward and it was all confounded with this dude from Galilee who said some confusing stuff.  The God of Mt. Sinai – in my heart – was more understandable than the God at the ‘Sermon on the Mount’.


I did not understand they are one in the same.  In fact (and I am quoting myself), “Jesus made the foggy understanding and idealization of the God found within promise and law a viewable, touchable and audible reality to ordinary men.”  Jesus is not some squawking, ugly duckling but the LORD of Heaven and Earth. 


This Jesus becomes the focus of human existence and the supplier of the fullest revelation concerning the triune God.  It is like I’ve been reintroduced to God!


Now, this one verse can be taken several different directions because it is inexhaustible in all the rich truth that lay beneath it – yet there is one thought troubling me.  On a daily basis JESUS CALLS ME into a more intimate and authentic faith by his Holy Spirit.  And on a daily basis I SHRUG HIM OFF.


I see opportunities to pray and I ignore it.  I get urges to read more of God’s word but I just give the excuse, “I already read this morning and I’m going to read later tonight anyway!”  I’m presented with opportunities to worship in song but I’m afraid how much time it will take to sing it.  Frankly, I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU JESUS.


What is so important that I can’t stop what I’m doing to hear from my Savior?  Family Guy will come back on and checking emails can wait.  I cannot keep putting off my God.  I AM BEGGING GOD that this year will be different.  Jesus has got to become first place in my heart and first place in my life.

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