Not a Fan!

This is a new segment called, “Not a Fan”  This is where I vent over things that most people do not even notice, care about or mind.  Hope this is funny and not mean!

I am not a fan of:

  1. Dogs that look closer to rats than dogs
  2. Pink and purple carpet in churches
  3. Corn syrup in everything!
  4. Frisbee! nough said
  5. People who impersonate John Piper!
  6. Having someone follow you when you are trying to pass gas in a store.




  1. richard, you are hilarious… especially that last one.
    Here’s some of mine:
    1. Country music
    2. Golf
    3. Whipped Cream
    4. Organic Chemistry
    5. Excessive texting
    6. People having conversations in stores with that bluetooth earpiece thing… and me saying “what?”
    7. Sitting at a red light with the bass from another car shaking my rearview mirror
    8. Relationship drama – nuff said

  2. OK I have to get off the sideline, I am not a fan of…
    1. Sunglasses in church (especially from anyone on the stage!!!)
    2. Leashes attatched to children! If you cant keep track of your own kids in a humane way, give them to me.
    3. Business putting out tip jars out for everything now. Just raise the price and I will be fine but tipping you for checking my groceries, come on!
    4. Driving with the top down when its 30 degrees outside, We all can see you are looking good in your fancy car, just wait until the snow melts before you put the top down.
    5. Baseball caps with unbent, perfectly straight rims!!!!! I know I am getting old but bend it just a little 🙂
    6. Fried desserts at fairs. As if the snickers bar wasn’t loaded with enough fat, calories, and junk, we have to dip it carmel, put marshmellows on it, and deep fat fry it. Do a squat thrust already.

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