Sunday Night Reflections

So I am totally copying this from Perry Noble, but I just want to wrap up the weekend and look forward to the following week.

  • I really enjoy Sundays because I try to imagine all God has done through his church over the past 48 hours. People have been saved, lives have been changed, the word of God has been preached, and Christ has been glorified!
  • I made it safely back to Wheaton, IL.  Glad to be back and in denial about how much work this coming semester will be!
  • had a meatball sub for dinner!
  • in terms of direction for next week, I am planning on writing about CHANGE.  Stuff I am learning about this Christian walk first hand!  And really that’s what this blog is about, what am I learning and how Jesus is shaping ME as I try to live for him.
  • I am absolutely confident that 2009 is going to be one of the most defining years in my life, and I refuse to let it be anything less!

I really hope you have a great night. 

Pursue Jesus, God bless!

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