CHANGE (part one)

School is starting back today and I am worried whether or not I can keep up with blogging.  And whether or not I will commit to following Christ everyday.  I do not want to slip back into the old routine of living life with Jesus as an after thought.

So the other day a question came to mind, why am I doing this?  What’s my agenda in becoming like Christ?  And I really thought about it. 

Right now the greatest reason I am seeking Christ has to be curiosity.  I wonder what would happen if SOMEBODY totally gave up their life for Jesus.  What can God do with this heart, mind, voice and body of mine?  I have NEVER given all of myself to anything and I want to see what Jesus could do with ONE life!

No matter what complements I get or how people just love me and think I am this great person (some people actually think I’m wonderful) – I UNDERSTAND HOW MESSED UP I AM.  I am not committing myself to Jesus to one day plant a church, to be famous, or to have the greatest blog in the world (with the most hits) – I’m looking for a new heart and a new mind.  

Jesus gave it all.  What happens when I give my all to Jesus?

I do not think there are enough of us Christians asking that question.

JESUS, if you’re willing, I know you can change me!

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