change (part 3) decisions

We all desire BIG change in our lives.  Sometimes this change is for ourselves, our families, or even people we haven’t seen it two weeks or ten years!  (I think everyone has what I call “reunion anxiety”.  Where anytime you are separated from people you know, love, or are associated with for any extended period of time, you attempt to desperately show them how much you have changed and matured.

Everyone, if we are honest, can see areas in our lives where we are begging God to completely power wash us!  What I have come to realize about this Christian life is, VERY FEW THINGS ARE MAGICAL! 

Nothing is instant and cheap; not our salvation, not our growth, not our faith, and not even our understanding of the Bible!

Almost everything DEMANDS a process aided and guided by the Holy Spirit!

So when I look at my life and speak words, think thoughts, and do deeds that I would love to be free from, I realize now that God expects me to participate in the sanctification process.

I will say it plainly, every decision matters.  Every step is an opportunity to overcome that addiction.  And every temptation can be used (since they don’t come from God) by God for healing in your life!

If we are Christians committed to following Christ no matter what, we will be taken through a refining process!  Day by day, hour by hour, test by test, temptation by temptation God is taking us to a place where our faith is more solidified and where our confession of our love is more pure!

So don’t keep sitting back waiting -waiting- on the world to change (I really dislike that song!) but respond today, “Let the refinement begin!”

PLEASE do not let another year of the same old non-Christ-honoring attitude take a hold of your life.  It is time for God’s people to BE GOD’S PEOPLE.  I still believe that 2009 is going to be one of the most decisive (for the good) years of my life so far and I pray it will be for you too. 

Grace and Peace in this Wednesday!

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