discipleship small group

Okay, so I am doing two posts today to make up for not doing one yesterday.  But I don’t really mind missing a post because this blog IS NOT about educating the masses.  It is more about documenting the growth of a Christian, who in some way or another, is trying to become closer to Christ!

I thought it would be interesting to share this image with you.  Matt (one of my roomates) and I lead a discipleship small group (dsg) on our floor.  We meet once a week.  Last semester we decided to look at the gospel according to John and have our focus be on reflecting on the gospel.

A few weeks in, Matt and I could tell that it wasn’t going well.  It just seemed like a dry Bible study.  I don’t know who came up with the idea but the group decided that as we read we should purposefully look for characteristics of Christ.  And we got sticky notes and put them on this board as we read from then on.

The challenge is to not leave it at just, “That’s what Jesus is like!” or “Yep, that’s what he did.”  but to go deeper, to spend time trying to learn what his first disciples saw in him.  To grow our perspective of Christ and to come out on the other side more faithful to him.  After the picture is the Jesus Characteristicsactual list in case you can’t see any of them.



















Jesus is not a compromiser of truth

Jesus shows humility

Jesus knows who He is (I Am)

Jesus is the door/gate to salvation

Jesus has a recognizable voice

Jesus does God’s will no matter what

Jesus was hated by the world

Jesus glorifies God

Jesus is the door

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus loves the “unlovables”


Jesus is the Judge

Jesus does not condemn, he convicts

Jesus is selfless

Jesus is compassionate

Jesus is a unifier: He embodies peace and came for both the Jews and the Gentiles

Jesus is our friend

Jesus is the source of life

Jesus is The Light

Jesus is a faith builder (faith minded)

Jesus is focused on the Father

Jesus is a vessel of God’s healing

Jesus is Omnipresent

Jesus is our mediator 

Jesus has emotions. He felt great sadness

Jesus is a servant

Jesus is our means to productivity

Jesus is clear

He expects our obedience

Jesus is obedient

Jesus is the whooper of the world

Jesus is willing

Jesus is King

Jesus does not skirt the issue

Jesus has sent us the helper

Jesus had one face

Jesus is the reason for the season

Jesus protects His own

Follow Me

Jesus is not of the World

Jesus glorified God by accomplishing the work God gave Him to do

Jesus is the revelation of God

Jesus loves his mom

“My Lord and my God” –Thomas

Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God

Jesus is “Rabboni”

Jesus was crucified

Jesus was resurrected

Jesus ascended

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