some “eye-openers”

So, yesterday (Friday)  I went down into Chicago with the evangelism team of Wheaton College.  IT WAS FREEZING!!!

Here’s what I learned about myself from that experience, and please – I am being as honest as I know how.  I might not have the words for everything I am about to say, but I will give it a shot!

#1  I don’t have a heart for the people of Wrigleyville.  As I was down there I was more concerned about staying warm, not getting “shanked”, and not giving away any money to the homeless.  My prayer is that I might come closer to seeing people as Christ sees them.

#2 My faith is contained within me and very seldom does it come out.

I am convinced that life is about 3 things:  1) embracing Jesus for yourself, 2) embodying Jesus in your local community and 3) exalting Jesus before the nations.  but these are not steps but one unified way of living.  As I truly embrace Christ I will embody him in my community and exalt him before the nations.  If my faith can’t handle human contact outside of the Christian bubble IT IS NOT REAL FAITH. 

Jesus can’t just be in my heart or my head.  He has to season all of my life.  And I want that!

So, I have some learning to do.  But I am willing to do it.  This Christian life requires constant corrections.

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