a buried lie

Like promised, I want to tell you about this lie that I told someone (i might be too excited).  But actually, I’m not going to tell you the lie itself but what I did as a result of telling it.

Seriously, maybe three or four years ago I told my dad this lie so that I could avoid getting in trouble.  But the lie was kind of at another person’s expense.

I thought to myself, “WHO CARES IT IS ONE LIE!”  Millions of people are harboring lies and mistakes in their past- this will just be one of mine.  I have to tell you, not on a weekly basis but maybe a monthly basis this lie kept coming up.  And I just kept on believing eventually it will go away.

Well this Saturday night, before going to bed I gave myself the option of watching Arrested Development (hilarious) or listening to a sermon by Charles Stanley.  I decided to go with the sermon.

It was about opening up yourself to be examined by God, to be searched through and through for the purpose of living life as Christ wants (taken from Psalm 139).  But it all begins with our willingness and courage to ask God to do this like David did.

So I did it (the next morning).  And for a while I wasn’t hearing anything and thought, “Well, we must be okay.”

But I prayed it a little later that day and before the words could come out of my mouth I saw me, my dad, and remembered the lie I told.  I wasn’t saddened or angry.  I just KNEW I had to confess this.  For the sake of my walk with Christ I had to do this.

I did and my dad thanked me for telling him.  I was free and I never have to think about that lie again!

Hope this both helps and challenges someone today!

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