a “pastor’s” job

I was looking at available jobs  in ministry, and I searched under “pastor” and this is the description I read:

Sheepherder. Attends sheep flock grazing on range or pasture; moves sheep to and about area assigned for grazing; prevents animals from wandering and becoming lost; using trained dogs to round up strays and assist in moving flock to other locations. Beds down sheep near campsite or in a pen each night. Guards flock against predatory animals and prevents them from eating poisonous plants. May assist in lambing, docking, castrating, dehorning, shearing, vaccinating, drenching, and medicating animals. May attend sheep and lambs in barns during lambing season. May brand, tag, clip or otherwise mark sheep for indentification purposes. May sort and cut culls. May feed animals supplementary rations.  Size of flock ranges from 800-1000 sheep.

Obviously they are talking about real sheep!  It’s funny but it should make us think spiritually as well- although I don’t quite know what it means to castrate God’s flock! 

Just thought I share that with you!

One comment

  1. Two thoughts:

    1. If you plan on castrating, dehorning, or shearing your church members, I will never go to your church.
    2. I think the last sentence about the size of the flock is interesting in context of the church thought. Just sayin’.

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