I sinned today!

Well the title could be misleading, I sin EVERYDAY and become more aware of it as I try to be sensitive to God’s voice.

But today I returned to one of those habitual sins that I know I am not supposed to be doing.  Yet today was different, there was no wallowing in self-pity and begging God for forgiveness. 

After I confessed my sin to the Lord, it was as if he was telling me, “Get up, dust yourself off and go harder!”

Today I realized that a broken and contrite heart doesn’t mean I say “I’m sorry” 200 times, sing worship songs, or even feel guilty all day.  A broken and contrite heart says, “I have totally blown it, but by your Spirit I’m going to get better.” 

I am going to try harder and harder to become who Christ wants me to be. 

And with every sin I have the choice, I could either progress or retreat from my calling to be one of Jesus’ followers.  I must face the question, am I following or stopping short of embracing Christ with this decision?

I can’t say it enough, every decision counts.  EVERY DECISION COUNTS.  EVERY DECISION COUNTS. 

We ought to use every occasion as an opportunity to grow closer to our God; FATHER, PLEASE TEACH ME HOW!!!


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