sunday night reflections

#1  Had a great day and weekend!  On Friday Night going downtown Chicago to evangelize we saw ONE person rededicate his life to Christ! (heaven celebrates over one!)  Had some other crazy experiences that I will probably share tomorrow.

#2  Went to Antioch Community Church in Wheaton, IL again WOW! 

#3  Went to Outback Steakhouse, fantastic burger.  You know a burger is good when you can’t fathom wasting the lettuce that fell off it!

#4  I realized that there is a pretty immediate area of my life that I may still be holding onto and that is my career.  I WANT TO GO INTO MINISTRY, I feel like nothing else could fulfill my life like ministry.  So I have been somewhat scared to give my future to God thinking he might take the ministry option away… but tonight it was made clear to me that just because I surrender my future career to God doesn’t mean he’ll change it.  It might simply mean that I will work in his time and in his way, which is so much better than me trying to force things to happen!

I guess I have always assumed that because I am going into a godly career he doesn’t really need control.  BUT JESUS WANTS ALL OF ME.  And I pray that every time something like this is revealed I say YES!

#5  Okay, the tentative plan for closing out this first month of 2009 is to talk about the Friday experience of the duo I was in, and then do a four part series entitled PAUSE.  

#6  Three things about the blog: a) the blog flat-lined during my brief vacation from blogging; no views,  b) this blog is officially blocked in China (which is a praise and prayer request in one), and c)  I have considered changing the templete of the blog (but might not happen for a while!)

#6.5  Thanks for stopping by.  Grace and peace be multiplied to you!

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