wisdom from sages (part one)

Over the next few days I would like to share some wisdom I have been picking up here and there.  And understand, when I say wisdom I am not meaning profound abstract thoughts that have no force for how I live my life.  But rather what I need to live each day to walk with Jesus.  And YES this is technically the PAUSE series!

#1 When facing puslating (it just keeps hitting me over and over) temptation learn to pause.  Take a breath and realize what’s going on.

You may think this is down right impossible.  But we all exhibit signs when we are getting close to making the same poor sin-mistakes. 

Personally, I start to play around with the idea of a certain sin in my head.  Then I say to myself that whatever I am thinking about is really not that bad.  And finally, I physically start to make preparations for engaging in the sin fully.  AND THEN THE DEED IS DONE! 

If at any one of these states I just take a moment to call on God and pray for help I could most assuredly see his deliverance.

Another thing I have seen in my life is that after a certain point each night I start to make moral compromises.  I am usually burnt out and really wanting to go to sleep.  In those moments, I read a Psalm or something and go to bed.  I figure sleeping is better than sinning!

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