Sunday Night Reflections!

#1  Wow, this is great!  It seems that a few of you came back on Sunday just because I said I would be blogging.  Or it is entirely random but it is still cool!

#1.5 Someone set off the fire alarm and I had to take a quick break in the composition of this post!

#2 I went to the main campus of Willow Creek Commnunity Church in Illinois.  Awesome!  I felt at home.  Even though it is huge, it was like a regular church.

#3 Last Friday I went to Wrigleyville for evangelism; another great time when God expanded my heart to see people as he sees them.  I will most certainly write about some experiences for the next two days maybe.

#4 Tomorrow in my James class we’ll be discussing why not all people are cut out for ministry and teaching based on James 3:1.  Maybe I’ll post some of those notes.

#5 If the Lord wills, I may be going on a missions trip to Denver, Colorodo.  We’ll see!

Have a blessed night and day!  Keep the universal church in your prayers.

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