A Man named “Me”

Hey everyone!  As promised here are the double posts!

Last Friday I was again in Wrigleyville for the purpose of embracing, embodying and exalting Jesus (yeah, it’s my motto).

So towards the end of my night, my partner had left to check on getting bus tickets for two homeless men (one being semi-homeless living in a hotel).  During my partner’s absence I was pulled into a conversation.  Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of having conversations but this one just naturally developed.

Soon, I was just talking one-on-one with a guy named “Bob” (I have changed his name).  Bob was asking me about college and my grades and when I was going to graduate.  Then he asked me how old I was.  I replied, “Nineteen.”

And he said something to the effect, “You’re nineteen?”  and with a saddened voice he added, “I’m forty-nine.”  After saying this he bit his lip, closed his eyes, and shook his head.  Right then and there I knew that he was experiencing remorse.

Bob is forty-nine, homeless and an alcoholic.  But here’s what I can’t IMAGINE EVER getting over, BUT BY GOD’S GRACE Bob could be me.  AND if I am not careful I could become a Bob later on.

If you’re a Christian lift up Bob in your prayers, and at the same time ask God to make the the permanence of life’s choices a reality to you.  There’s grace upon grace but then there’s multiplied stupidity.

Once again, our decisions matter.  Hope that messes you up today.

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