“Lord” a pretty BIG word

Lord is a pretty big word.  During evangelism this past Friday night I was sharing with the guy I spoke to a week prior about the truth of Jesus being Lord.

Realizing now, the Bible doesn’t just ask us to confess our sins to God but to submit ourselves to Christ.  When we say that Jesus is Lord, we are in fact saying, “Everything about me – my concerns, my future, my lifestyle, my career, my words, my thoughts and my actions – everything that composes this person of mine – is 100% yours.”

Of course this doesn’t take place immediately.  But day by day we should be drawing closer to Christ becoming Lord of more and more terrain in our hearts.

I asked Bob, “What steps have you taken to allow Christ to be YOUR Lord?”  And he gave me, let’s face it, a sorry answer.

Well this weekend as I was reflecting on that discussion I asked myself the same question.  And to be perfectly honest, there haven’t been any major steps in a few weeks!


If my life does not reflect my own teaching I bring shame to the gospel and discredit the God I say I love.

So as I work on becoming more Christ like, I ask you what steps are YOU taking that will allow for Christ to be LORD of your life?

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