let’s play catch-up!

Okay, here are a few thoughts on my mind!

#1 I have been reading Hank Hanegraff’s new book Christianity in Crisis:  21st Century.  I enjoy it.  And by “enjoy” I mean, it is really ticking me off.  Now I know sometimes it can seem like Hank is picking fights just for the sake of picking fights, but the stuff brought up in this book cannot be ignored.  I do not understand how men and women stand under the name JESUS CHRIST and teach, promote and even delude themselves with the most horrendous beliefs.  And what possibly makes me more angry is all the disappointment brought to my genuine brothers and sisters in Christ because they actually believed these people stood for Christ and were doing Jesus’ work on the Earth.  I may sound crazy, but there may very well be a special place in hell for these false teachers.

#2 I went to Chicagoland Community Church this last Sunday.  I want to work there!  Ultimately what I realized and need to repent of is the fact that, in the past when I envisioned how I might do church, I had left these people I saw on Sunday out of the picture.  How do we include all peoples in the church of God?  Sounds like there is a need for another “new” vision for the church.

#3 I am currently reading through the Gospel of John.  I just am not feeling him at the moment.  I am not saying this is good or bad, there is just a disconnect.

I was considering adding another portion to this post, but every time I have tried to something ridiculous has kept me from doing it.  Okay that is all.

LOVE Jesus today!

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