When I read through the sermon on the mount I continually encounter teachings of Christ that are completely opposite of how I live.  And as I read it I am seeing played out in my mind how I could start applying what Jesus said.

But this picture in my head always leaves me with a really fake application of Jesus’ words.  He was not asking that I start going around flattering people or that I start laying my hands on everyone I pass by (I don’t know why I thought Jesus was so touchy).

In Matthew 6 Jesus makes it  absolutely clear that this counter-cultural way of living that he has called us to makes us more authentic than inauthentic.  Because let’s face, you can only fake the words of Christ for a few minutes, then our true selves come out before our friends, our family and before our mirror.  He is commanding and pleading that we do not behave in a hypocritical fashion. 

So as I and you embrace the gospel message it is a call to live as we were made to live:  wholly and transparently authentic.

grace and peace

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