(re)defining ministry: weakness

Hello everyone!  It is great to be back blogging and I am really thankful for Steve Rossi taking my place last week while I was in Denver.  I learned a lot seeing how ministry is done for those people that are usually overlooked by the church.  So I just want to share four ways (throughout the week) that ministry has been redefined for me.

#1  Leading in weakness not victory.

There are sins and other problems (unrelated to sins) thatI have been struggling with for the majority of my Christian life.  I have been asking God for victory and taking steps to completely do away them.  But it seems like these sins and problems are here to stay.

While I was in Denver and got to hear Doyle Robinson’s, a.k.a. “Sox” of Sox Place, testimony I was convinced that I had been going about this all wrong.  He talked about how there were issues in his life that he, in his older age, is still struggling with.  But all you have to do is look around and see all that God has enabled him to do for the homeless youth in Denver.

The greatest testimony to my generation will not be someone who miraculously overcame all their addictions, or someone whose life came together all of a sudden.  The greatest testimony for my generation and those who follow is the young man and young woman who in their addictions and problems wake up each morning saying, “This day is yours, Jesus.”

It was amazing to see Christians that were not Christians!  What I mean is, it was amazing to see Christians who were saved right in the place they stood.  They had chosen Christ but were not forced to look or talk or even behave like the rest of the Church.

For Church to “work” for my generation we are going to have to lead from a place where moment by moment we are depended upon Christ not for victory but for strength to live each day with our weaknesses.

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