(re)designing ministry: in like manner

#2 In this same _______ you go out!

While in Denver I got an opportunity to hear a few testimonies of the difference Jesus has made in the lives of people through Sox Place.

I remember on one occasion sitting back quite arrogantly and thinking quietly to myself, That’s not real change.  How can you call yourself a Christian?  Lord, how can you save someone like that?

In the moments of tossing those thoughts around in my head, all of a sudden a thought came to mind, WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Like I said yesterday, there are problems and sins that I struggle with and if they were made public I could be labled all sorts of things.  And Christians who close their eyes to people labled as such would have totally ignored me.

Jesus says in the gospels, “Those who are forgiven much, will forgive much.”  It is like those who are shown mercy are obligated to show mercy.

Why do we share the gospel?  Why do we build relationships and friendships so that more might come to faith in Christ?  When we spend just a moment reflecting upon where Jesus has taken us from and what we currently struggle in, we have to open our mouths for our Saviour.

In the same love we have experienced, we go out.  In the same forgiveness that was shown to us, we go out.  In the same joy and peace and hope that was given to us, we go out.

We do not go out because we are commanded.  Rather we go out because…How could we not?  A “Christian” who has trouble sharing Christ is a “Christian” that has not experience the love of Christ.  Furthermore, a Christian who has trouble sharing Christ spends no time truly reflecting upon all that Christ has done for them.

grace and peace

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