(re)defining ministry: bye bye billy!

I don’t want to take much time.  But another thing I believe was demonstrated at Sox Place in Denver is…

#3 The days of Billy Graham are OVER!!!

I believe the days of standing before a large audience of thousands, telling them how sinful they and this world are, and how awesome God is – might not draw the numbers anymore.  You need to understand, I have nothing against Billy Graham, I go to his college.  Most of my classes are in the Billy Graham Center – no beef with Billy.

And I do not think  anyone (including Joel Osteen) is the next Billy Graham.

But the world has changed.  And A LOT of the world has been burned by the church and it is going to take some time to heal.  Healing and helping people see Jesus and not some punk or jerk Christian is going to require some on the ground relational ministry.  Which leads to the last point for this week.

#4 A 100% Church.

Most churches have a schedule. A few days off, and really the only days  you are welcome to just hang out are on Sunday and Wednesday.  THAT’S NOT CHURCH.  Church is 24/7!  Around the clock we share, love, care for one another and our world.

Relationships are built when the other person knows that this “person” or environment is safe.  I believe that people will be attracted to the faith when they see a Church day in and day out LOVE as Christ called us to.  They will know we are Christian by our love, love can never again be shallowly limited to a Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

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