i have a question for YOU

If you’ve followed this blog for a little while you know that just about every Friday night I go into Chicago, directly in front of Wrigley Field, to share the Gospel.

This past Friday, so it’s still burned into my mind, my partner and I were walking, and walking, and walking looking for someone to talk to.  Eventually we came upon a street where I knew that no one would be.  So I said this is our moment of decision – we can either start talking to people right here on the street or we can go back to the street we started on.

We decided  to go back.

As we were heading back, there was a man sitting on his stoop smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.  We decided to cross the street and talk to him.   We introduced ourselves and explained why we were out.  We asked if we could pray for him.  He neither needer nor wanted prayer.  But then asked if he could ask US something.  We said sure and then he asked

WHY ARE YOU OUT HERE?  What makes you want to spend your Friday nights going around praying and talking to people?  From the core of your being what drives your desire for sharing your faith?

I believe that many Christian people should question why they do what they do in the name of Jesus Christ. 

I’ll see you tomorrow for the continuation of this story!

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  1. I too wondered why the old man had to go to USA and stand on a beach and sing songs of Krishna. Somewhere along came these guys who recognized the divinity in him and made his songs and teachings famous. I guess that’s how the Hare Krsna movement started! Maybe there is something that would light a fire somewhere, even on a Friday night in Chicago! You sure are doing it right.

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