i have a question for YOU, part 2

picking up from yesterday…

I HONESTLY HAD NO ANSWER.  I WAS COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS.  But my partner began to speak to the man saying to the effect, “We live in a sinful world and God is holy.  He sent his Son Jesus into the world that we can know him and live with him for all eternity.”

The guy then said, “Yeah, I know the facts – I went to Catholic school for twelve years.  I am curious to know what at your very core drives you to share your faith?  Beyond the facts, why do what you do?”

I am thankful that our lack of answers didn’t cause the conversation to come to a standstill.  In fact we ended up talking for an hour and a half.

Tomorrow I’ll share what I think my answer would be now based upon this conversation.  But right now let me say this again…just about every week I go into Chicago someone will inevitably say, “I used to be Catholic BUT…” 

What is the Church DOING? (and this certainly doesn’t exclude Protestants)  It seems like our presence in the world is hurting people and not helping them!  Besides the question of, why do we do what we do as Christians?  We need to also ask ourselves, if someone only had my life to see and know Christ- would Christ be shamed or glorified?  I heard one pastor say,

Most of the time, before people follow Christ they are going to follow us.

grace and peace

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