Month: June 2013



Here is the completed sermon outline for Sunday, June 23rd, 2013.

My Subject:

The story of God rescuing Noah from the great flood demonstrates God’s holiness and God’s grace (Genesis 6:5-8).

I.      Look at his holiness! (Genesis 6:5-7)                                

A.      God’s assessment of the human condition demonstrates his holiness (vv. 5, 12).

B.      God’s emotions concerning the human condition demonstrate his holiness (vv. 6, 7).

C.      God’s judgmentof human beings demonstrates his holiness (v. 7; 7:17–23)

II.      Look at his grace! (Genesis 6:8)                                         

A.      The expression “to find grace/favor in someone’s eyes.”

1.      The definition of the expression: “to be an object of another’s favorable disposition or action,” “to be a recipient of another’s favor, kindness, mercy”

2.      Tim Keller’s definition: Grace is an undeserved gift of an unobligated Giver.

B.      The demonstration of his grace.

1.      God chooses/selects Noah rescuing him and his family from judgment (6:8).

2.      God warns Noah of the impending danger (6:13).

3.      God instructs Noah time and time again (e.g. 6:14ff).

4.      God remembers (i.e. he acts in accordance with his promise to) Noah (8:1).

5.      God blesses Noah and his sons in a way similar to Gen 1 (9:1)

6.      God accepts Noah’s sacrifice (8:20)

7.      God covenants with Noah and his descendants (9:9ff).

C.      An Objection: Noah earned God’s help, rescue, and grace (6:9, 22; 7:1, 5).