k(no)w peace

Tonight, I had the privilege to hear from one of the guys in my discipleship small group (DSG).  And he spoke on the topic of peace.  Pretty much his message confirmed my feelings on a certain issue in my life.

There has been intense debate over some moral questions between others and myself.  Really, all the debating is over the question, What is appropriate for Christians to watch or be entertained by?

Just about every time I am arguing from the stand point of freedom with limitations.  And I have verses and a theology that can so perfectly match up with what I am saying.  And it is not that my interpretations are wrong or that my theology is wrong, it is that I am applying them where they do not belong. 

Every time I walk away from these conversations/arguments I feel WRONG.  And quite literally, it seems as if Jesus is shaking his head in disapproval.  I really don’t want my Savior to be disappointed in me.  I AM ON THE WRONG SIDE IN THESE DEBATES.

The very issues I argue freedom over are the same issues I personally struggle with.  I want peace with my God in place of guilt, shame and disobedience. 

So, there it is.

A little more sober than most days, but this blog is about following a Christian through the ups and downs of Christ-likeness.

Good night.

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