the pacific northwest

Hey, thanks for hanging in there while I took a brief break from blogging!

I just want to take a minute and talk about what I believe can happen for MY part of the country:  the pacific northwest.

One thing you should know before I begin.  Despite the jokes I might make and the fears I might have, I love the people of the pacific northwest.

I remember coming back from college after the first year, my dad driving me home from Seatac airport.  I was looking at the people as we passed by and my eyes began to water.  I BELIEVE MY CALLING IS FOR THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  And hey, I could be wrong.

But to be perfectly honest I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO REACH THEM…well…now I do!

Every part of the USA has a different type of harvest.  Let me be clear, the people you are going to reach down south do not have the same ideals as the people up north.  And what I see in my area is that people think Jesus is irrelevant.  You go to church or you believe in Jesus when you are uneducated, poor, sick, or have no life whatsoever.  BUT THAT AIN’T TRUE!!!

So how do we reach a harvest like this?  You show them a life that screams Jesus; where Jesus meets all my circumstances, confronts all situations, and is unafraid to peer into my heart to see what truly lies there!  We need to show the pacific northwest that Jesus isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and meet your past, your present and your future. 

I believe if Jesus is presented as LIFE (which he is)…ONE church could reach out to the entire area of the pacific northwest.  Scratch that, I think ONE church so in love with Jesus could reach the entire west coast!

May my life cause the name of Jesus to completely blanket the pacific northwest- and this can only happen when the name of Jesus blankets my heart and yours too.

Be encouraged and challenged by this video

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