thoughts from friday night evangelism

#1 God is growing this heart of mine for Wrigleyville!  I had one of the most enjoyable nights ever and the BigMac helped too!

#2 My partner and I spoke to about four people, and I was able to transition into a Christ-related talk even though the guy I spoke to one-on-one wasn’t very interested.

#3 I see growth!  Sometimes it is just amazing to step back.  Just a week ago I had a completely different heart and a faith that was shut up inside me, and within a week I saw just small steps to where I know God wants me to be.

#4 from earlier in the week I saw probably one of the most beautiful (and I use this word ever so sparingly) things I have ever seen.  There was a guy on my floor that was just feeling real crumby and I heard about it.  Later on, I was led to actually lay hands on him and pray.  There were two other guys with me who wanted to pray as well.

at that moment, it was clear that GOD was in our midst.  And though there was no miraculous healing, there was confidence that God would be God in this circumstance – and we were okay with that.  God is who he says he is, and he will do all that he has promised to do.

and when we have this kind of trust, not the kind that demands for God to do everything that we want him to do, it is incredibly freeing!

sorry about the delay in posts, but I still really want to do the PAUSE series!   look out for it!!!

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